Mission Statement

 Established in 2017 by an Emergency Department Physician, Dr. Samir Haydar, and a digital healthcare IT executive, Mehmet Kazgan, the navigatER,LLC TM (NER) is a healthcare innovation startup focused on improving the patient experience through the creation of transparent health care environments.  By combining the knowledge base of frontline medical providers with information technology innovations, NER’s mission is to create the health care solutions that medical providers and their patients see as essential.

Philosophy and Vision

 navigatERTM seeks to improve the patient experience through innovative healthcare technology solutions.  With this goal in mind, navigatERTM will develop strategies that make it easier for providers to deliver excellent care to their patients with a focus on optimization and provider task reduction.  navigatERTM’s flagship patient experience platform allows for healthcare improvement strategies through evidence based frontline solutions.  By providing patients with a transparent healthcare environment, navigatERTM seeks to provide patients with a level of communication not previously possible in health care settings.